Featuring the Morrison Digital Trumpet

Click the play button to hear this unique and versatile instrument playing the rich palette of sounds, styles and genres covered in Gary’s repertoire.


Gary performing with the digital trumpet

An engaging one-man band playing standards from the 50’s through the 80’s, Gary specializes in corporate events and private functions. His repertoire, performed on the Morrison Digital Trumpet with professional background accompaniment, includes over 400 songs covering a wealth of genres from pop, rock and Broadway to big band, country and jazz.

Each music program is specifically tailored to the event and is guaranteed to energize your group while providing a memorable experience for all — young and old!

Music for Seniors

Designed specifically for senior audiences, Music for Seniors is a collection of 12 themed, musical programs featuring upbeat hits from the 40’s through the 70’s, including Broadway show tunes and a Christmas concert. Guaranteed to get their toes a-tap’n, these uplifting programs will take your clients on a one hour journey down memory lane.

Programs open with a patriotic tune and include a short history or fun fact about each song. Different instrument sounds including sax, clarinet, trombone, muted trumpet, whistle, accordion and harmonica are used for a truly engaging performance! 

Special music programs are available for Christmas, senior dances, patriotic and other holidays as well as Broadway, Hollywood, country, through-the-decades and jazz/blues themes.

Meet Gary

A former public school music teacher and computer programmer, Gary is a classically trained musician who has been involved in music performance and entertainment his entire life. Gary currently gives nearly 200 live digital trumpet performances each year while continuing to pursue his passion for writing and arranging music in many styles and genres. His music has been used for cable TV shows, web sites, TV commercials and video games. He has also directed and written music for band, church and bell choirs.

In addition, Gary owns and operates the novelty music label, AniMelodies, which creates whimsical songs with real birds and animals ‘singing’ the melodies to well-known tunes and classical compositions.

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